Standard Tote Paint Block

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Standard Tote Paint Block


Super Camouflage | White Block

With Continuing the use of the popular Super Camouflage exterior, the Standard Tote has taken from the rucksack and with a small twist the tote has been dipped in a solid Orange coat of Leather Safe paint. With natural wear of the tote the orange will fade, darken, and also retain some stain if exposed or placed in the environment to collect debris. 

Over time the orange coating will fade and reveal parts of the super camouflage base it lays on. The interior is smooth and is built with vegetable tanned leather. The bag is held together with to brass ball buttons for privacy and security. 

The Super Camouflage Quickstrike is the ultra limited and built to perfection. It is the first of its kind offered by Mifland. The outer shell is very soft and is also very durable. 

Built for quality and Durability this tote is made to last a lifetime and look better with daily usage and natural age.

DIMENSIONS: 14" Height | 12" Width | 6" Depth 

* When heavily submerged in water or wetness/liquid the dye can transfer to objects or clothing & can alter shape of the bag 

Our hand chosen leathers are sourced domestically and treated at our hubs in New York and Atlanta. The art of selecting the hides used is the most important part of the Mifland process. Our English bridle leathers range between 2.75 and 5 ounces and are as supple as they are durable. 


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