Mifland: // Circa 2008

Whether it be for leisure, business, or an international journey. Transporting your personals from one destination to the next has never been more exciting. Our minimalist design concept and use of premium materials provides for an interesting combination that's suitable for any environment. Since our beginnings we've crafted pieces that are both traditional and sophisticated. The fine detailing matched with a sense of ruggedness tells a story of our inspiration, a time when travel accessories were made to function against the elements and age well with time.

Handmade: // Process

At MIFLAND we use several assortments of leather that range from 3 ounces to 8.5. Most pieces are cut and assembled by hand, which translates to a uniqueness specific to the leather used. There are many ways to stitch together leather, but the most effective has become a signature at MIFLAND . The figure eight method is a method that involves heavy-duty waxed thread and a back and forth stitch. This combination of material and process ensures durability. All items are  bound together using heavy duty waxed thread. Using this combination of materials ensures both durability and rugged-ness.